Here are some interesting websites and personal pages. You can find more animal-words under the “Other Dens” section – I find these writings far more insightful than the usual otherkin forums or Therianthropy 101 guides. I’m keeping defunct websites listed for their historical value and sentimental reasons.


 Other Dens

 Now Defunct

  • Tranimal.net [Ozen – Gone on to other things.]
  • Mokele’s Jungle [Mokele – Gone on to other things.]
  • The Marsh [Liesk – Gone on to other things.]
  • All The Little Victories [Shen Tirag – Gone on to other things.]
  • Swiftpaw’s Tree [Swiftpaw – Gone on to other things.]
  • Felinity Reclaimed [Keller – Gone on to other things.]
  • Turns Into a Question [Kefira – Gone on to other things.]
  • Lion Templin’s Essays [Used to be on the Werelist.]

 Heart and Soul

  • Wildspeak – Vilturj, totems information and more from Ravenari.
  • The Totemist – Paleo’s blog about totemism, eco-spiritualism, general paganism and more.
  • The Wild Hunt – Commentaries and news covering the pagan community.
  • A Forest Door – In-between spiritwork and Hellenic polytheism.
  • Weaving Wyrd – Paganism and spiritwork in a modern world.
  • The Aztec Gateway – On Nahua (Aztec) religion and spirituality.
  • Wild Ideas – An Exploration of the Wild.
  • Urbanimal – The heart song of an urban animal.

 Some Places