Humans as Lesser Beings

By Keller
Let’s get one thing straight: the word “human” is not an insult, and therefore should not be used as such. Wrinkling your delicate little nose in a sneer, and hissing “human” at someone when they disagree with you, or refuse to agree with your romantic little notions of a “better time when we were one with Nature” will make me, and anyone else with half a brain, laugh in your face and promptly write you off as someone who has a/ not matured, and b/ uses their therianthropy as a means to place themselves above people who behave in a way they dislike.
Try and think about this logically for a second here (and I know that’s asking a lot from some of you): you’re sitting around ranting about how evil humanity is, how it works against or outside of nature, how there was once a time when life was simple and we lived purely on the land whilst you sit at your expensive computer, using a mass-media tool (the internet), and benefiting from a plethora of technological advancements.
If you want to go back to that time, why the fuck don’t you? Seriously, what’s stopping you? And don’t give me that bullshit of “it’s not practical” or “I have social responsibilities”; those are the things you hate, right? I mean, they’re a product of this human society, so fight the system, man! Shrug off humanity’s bonds, give your belongings to the needy, and fly to some remote, untouched island or jungle where you can “be one with the True Connection”, or whatever the fuck you think primitive man used to do.
My point? You people are hypocrites, and you really REALLY annoy me.
Now, let’s look at this another way (but still using that thing called “logic”, people!); the kinds of people who spout the above bullshit, angsting wildly about how deeply they “mourn” and “feel”, tend to also go on and on about the benefits they feel therianthropy has blessed them with. Lest you forget, my simple-minded chums, that a huge component of being a therianthrope is being human. Shocking, isn’t it?
Oh, but, of course, you’re probably all crying out in anguished tones that you’d “rather BE the animal!”. Well, I beg to differ, really. I mean, how many wolves/cougars/tigers live to old age? How many even make it to adulthood? VERY few, people, very few. And before you all start blaming humanity for this, the biggest cause of fatality of animals in Africa, for example, are other animals. Again, it’s truly shocking, isn’t it? Is your world just crashing down around your ears at this point?
Humanity might be capable of some supremely horrific acts (and I’m not going to deny that) but the fact that we’re capable of knowing such acts are horrific is truly unique. Wild animals do not have morality; we do, and whether we choose to follow that or not means that we’re also wholely free. We’re not as ruled by instincts as our wild cousins, and this is both a benefit and a blessing. It means we’re responsible; all of us, including you, oh angsty wankers. If your way of coping with the horrors of the world is to disconnect from humanity and use the word ‘human’ as an insult than you’ve made the wrong choices and, frankly, you’re weak.
A wolf doesn’t hate.
A leopard doesn’t mourn over others.
But YOU do.
How is that not beautiful and magical?