Dire Wolf Is

By Paleo
Dire Wolf is intuitive. Dire walks through the world paying little thought to many of the worries of humans. She won’t remember what brand of clothes your wear, and she wouldn’t even know how to judge their “style”. She *will* know if you are truly comfortable in those clothes or if you hide behind them. She notices how relaxed your muscles are, if your smile reaches your eyes, your tone of voice, and all the subtle movements you make with your eyes, hands, and feet. She’ll also notice the cardinal singing outside the window and the breeze of the air conditioner that turned on in the middle of your meeting. Dire notices, but doesn’t always think. When she does choose to think, she is capable of a sort of canine cleverness, but mostly she trusts her hunches and her instincts to get her by in life.
Dire Wolf is restless. She tends to notice smells, sounds, and movements that, to her astonishment, most humans don’t take note of. Some things *must* be investigated through all senses possible. Dire is as nosey and mouthy as any canine, and most things are investigated by putting them as close to her nose and mouth as possible. Dire sniffs almost everything of interest, and she would like to chew and lick things as well, but these days she must settle for just touching things to her lips. She likes moving around, looking for interesting opportunities. She wishes other would follow her to investigate what the turkey vultures are circling over. She will break off from a group to follow an interesting scent and then gets annoyed at their annoyance. Such things look scatter-brained to the humans she keeps company with, but in fact Dire is very, very focused. Some humans misinterpret lack of thinking about human things as lack of thinking at all.
Dire Wolf loves to rest. Dire is a creature of the moment. When awake, she restlessly pursues what interests her. But when she feels lazy or tired, she deeply resents anyone or anything that detracts from the goal of a good sleep. Everyone that has tried to wake the sleeping Dire knows that much snarling and snapping is inevitable.
Dire Wolf is blunt. Canine communication is very direct and no-nonsense. Sounds, scents, facial expressions, and body language paint an exact picture of canine emotions and intent. Dire expects it to be the same way among humans. She has no patience for those who do not speak their mind or those who try to manipulate with their words or tone of voice. Dire gets very, very annoyed if she is reading mixed messages from a person, *especially* if it is intentional. Dire in her most natural state does not hide what she is feeling. She does not mince words, nor does she care to get involved in verbal politics. She gets little from insulting or belittling others, but if she thinks you are an idiot, it *will* show. Dire is capable of manners and deceit in the human way and abides by them when she must. But no matter how hard she tries, she often lacks in tact and the ability to sugar-coat things.
Dire Wolf is aggressive and territorial. Dire is not comfortable among most people. She has a select few who she sees almost as being “pack”, and everyone else is not welcome to be around her. Dire wolves were mega-predators with other mega-predators as rivals, including other dire wolves. Dire sees most others as potential threats. She is confident in her size, power, and bone-crushing jaws. She also knows she is not nearly the biggest or most dangerous thing in her world. Thus, she puts up an impressive front but knows when to run as well. Yes, her bark (or snarl) is often worse than her bite. However, if pushed, she does not hesitate to use any figurative or literally lethal tools she possesses depending on the situation.
Dire Wolf is social to a select few. Dire is highly antisocial to most of the world. She loves and guards her space and rarely seeks social interaction with others. She is a pack creature, though, if not nearly as pack-bound as grey wolves. Dire needs contact with the select few she trusts on a semi-regular basis. Like other wolves, Dire just needs to rally with them from time to time in a fit of joy and emotion. She is overjoyed when she meets a friend she hasn’t seen in a while. Dire wants to romp and play and bump sides and wrestle… and then Dire has had enough, and probably so have they. Then Dire wants to rest and wants her space. Dire is happy enough knowing her pack mates are within howling distance (which translates into a long way now that she uses telephones). Dire is also aware of “ranks”, who is the leader, who supports, who follows. It matters less to Dire than it does to grey wolves, but it still is important. Dire has no true desire to be alpha, but can’t tolerate weak leadership. Dire has no problem submitting to others who are “stronger” than her in some way and often prefers to play beta to some of these people. However, Dire has a hard time bowing to leaders she feels are weak or incompetent. It is not a matter of pride; it is a matter of pack. Weak leaders are bad for groups and Dire seems to instinctively feel driven to challenge weakness.
Dire Wolf is deeply primitive. Dire is a beast of another time and another place. She feels this in her bones. She longs for an era that can never return. For reasons she doesn’t understand, she connected to places, creatures, and even peoples that vanished long ago. She no longer hunts and scavenges for the flesh of prehistoric beasts. Now she hunts and scavenges for answers, for meaning. She does this not with the speed and coordination of Grey Wolf or the adaptability and cunning of Coyote, but with the stamina and stubbornness of Dire Wolf. Even at her most human, Dire is primitive in her values and worldview. Such a thing is confusing and frustrating, and the tracks and trails to answers are so very old and faint, if not gone totally. Dire Wolf wants to sit on her tail and howl in confusion and sorrow at times, but then she remembers: Extinction is for wimps.
Dire Wolf is extinct and living.
Dire Wolf is primitive and modern.
Dire Wolf is spiritual and physical.
Dire Wolf is canine and human.
Dire Wolf is Paleo.
Dire Wolf Is.