Life and Religion

By Kefira
This was written a while ago. I’m putting it up here for my opinion regarding therianthropy and religious concepts.
I don’t believe that my soul is that of an animal. Through a long time of thinking about it, I find that I don’t believe in souls at all. I don’t believe that there is a ball of spiritual energy that makes me who I am. Or more to the point, I don’t believe that there is this spiritual thing that is recording who I am and what I become throughout my life, to be saved after death.
It’s for the two above reasons that I don’t believe that reincarnation is the reason for therianthropy. Most “past life” remembrances I’ve heard about I seriously doubt are real. Many people seem to view themselves as being exactly the same as they are now, only back in the past. Since I believe that it’s our lives that play a huge role in making us who we are, I tend to dismiss such “past lives.” I think that such a past life be so alien to the person that I am not as to be incomprehensable. Any type of reincarnation would be highly unworkable to my mind.
The only kind of reincarnation I can accept is physical, and most people would call that “decomposition.”
I don’t believe in an afterlife. I just never have. While I was learning about religions, I could parrot back the conception of the afterlifes, but I simply don’t believe in them. The idea is alien to my mind.
I’m not an atheist. I do believe in the gods. I just don’t worship them, really. I’m more of an apetheist: I feel they’re there, and I feel they know I’m here. We just kind of ignore each other. If one day I should be able to suscribe to a religion, it would be solely for the gods.
I believe that everything about me, and everything that makes me me is in my head. Mental. At the moment, I primarily feel that lioness is the base of who I am. So many of my thoughts, instincts, and mentality are inhuman, non-primate. I feel that lioness is the source, for me, the instincts and mentality. On top of that, I’ve got human understanding and training. All mental. I believe that the person I am, and the person that I am to become are based on my choices and actions, and is not influenced by a soul. I believe all the things that keep me living are biological.
I believe that when I die, I’ll be dead. Since the whole of my person is contained in my head, when that’s gone, I’ll be gone. I don’t want my body to be perserved. Unless, of course, I’ve been murdered. Then I totally want it perserved, in case anyone ever needs it again. I came lightly into this world, and that’s how I want to leave. I don’t want a big bang, I don’t want the world to mourn. I want my friends to say that I got up, I did what I loved to do and made a difference doing it, and now I’m gone.
I’ll admit I’m a closeted semi-existentialist. I don’t believe that there is any point to living other than that which we make ourselves. In the beginning, there was nothing. In the end there’ll be nothing. Whether happens inbetween is therefore inevitably doomed. Whatever actions I may have, whatever things I may do, will only reach so far into the future before I’ll be forgotten.
Don’t get me wrong. I like life. I enjoy living. I love being with and talking to all my friends. I love hanging out with my family. I think my life has worth, although that worth is short-term in the scheme of things. I think it’s worth perserving as much of this world as we can, and perpetrating as much good as possible, as long as we’re here. I think everyone should do so. I think that life is the most precious thing that we can ever have, considering that it’s the only thing we really have.